Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A Surprise for Alex!

Alex woke up to a surprise this morning. Last night, when she was in bed, a very special pakage was delivered to our house from Wisconsin... Great-Aunt Sarah, Great-Grandma and Great-Grandpa Marotz had sent Alex a box packed full of toys, books, and puzzles that Papa Bob used to play with when he was a boy.

I have to admit that I couldn't contain myself, and Dave and I went through the treasure trove last night. What wonderful things awaited Alex in that large box on the table. She was very excited to see what was in it.

Alexandra got right to work playing with the blocks and the lacing shoe (complete with The Little Old Woman & family). You can tell that these toys have been loved and played with-- what an unbelievable addition to Alex's collection! Some of these toys and puzzles are definitely collector's items, and they will be well taken care of and played with under supervision, of course.

Some of our favorites:

Holgate lacing shoe...

Holgate stacking train

Sifo 'Mailbag of Blocks' - manufactured in St. Paul, MN

Puzzles-- both wooden ones by Sifo and some character ones-- Roy Rogers and an old Woody Woodpecker to name a few!

Vintage 'peek-a-boo blocks'....some have moving parts!

Little Golden Books- copyright 1954

Antique wooden alphabet blocks....if you look closely you'll see some have Disney characters on them- Dumbo, Bambi, Tinkerbell!
As Alex said in the earlier video- "Thank You, Great Grandma" (and Great-Grandpa and Great-Auntie!!) We are so excited to start making our own special playtime memories with these beautiful family heirlooms!

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