Friday, June 4, 2010

Shopping and Playtime

One of the bonuses of having an early riser is that we can be out the door and at 8am garage sales on Friday mornings! We had a playdate in Eden Prairie planned at 10:30, which gave us plenty of garage sale-ing opportunity.

I've found it best to have Alex focused on finding one item in particular, that makes it easier to drag her away from the plethora of exciting, bright and noisy toys that invariably make the garage sale inventory. Today it was 'flip flops'.

Success! She found her (slightly large)25 cent flip flops and insisted upon wearing them immediately. See the triumph in her expression?
After our 'shopping spree' this morning, we headed down to Eden Prairie to spend some playtime with Graham and Amelia. The weather was really mild today, so we enjoyed the majority of our time there outside!

Melissa is a genius and has found a way to keep toddlers entertained for L-O-N-G stretches of time. Water and paintbrushes. I think someone was always 'painting' the deck, at at times all three were occupied with the task.
Taking a break to play in the sand.
Alex practicing her 'gentle' pushes. Luckily both Mamas were within arm's distance, and Amelia is pretty rough-and-tumble.

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