Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Rainy Day Schedule

It rained ALL day today. This is what we did (and why my house still isn't clean):1. Got all our rain gear on and played in the driveway. I should specify that ALEX got all her rain gear on. I stood on the porch, somewhat bedraggled, as I couldn't find my rainpants and wasn't all that stoked about gathering worms.

2. Made play-dough from scratch. We mixed it up a bit by adding peppermint extract so that it smells like candy canes!

3. Dyed more playsilks and hung them in the garage to dry

4. Rode tricycle in the garage, carefully avoiding the drying playsilks :-)

5. Ran some errands-- JoAnn fabrics for craft supplies, a haircut at KidsHair and picked up Daddy's dry cleaning

6. Lunch and naptime (for everyone....these rainy days will do that to you!)

7. Studio time- Alex worked on a surprise collage for a friend (you'll know it's you when you receive it in the mail...), and I worked on a couple of Birthday Crowns for some Princesses in our lives.

8. Daddy arrives home-- I haven't cleaned or cooked, so we order pizza (although I have managed to sneak in four loads of laundry, currently sitting on the couch waiting to be folded). Luckily he's used to living with me and my 'artsy' ways, so it's not too much of a surprise.

9. Bedtime at 7:15pm- Mama blogs and contemplates tidying up the house for our company tomorrow....we'll see :-)

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