Thursday, June 10, 2010

THE Official Announcement.....

OK- just in case anybody's been wondering why I've been so hit-and-miss on my blog posts (you can't tell by looking at the history, but the new pattern is posting every three-four days), here's the reason:
Alex is going to be a big sister in early December!

So...a quick recap of the first Trimester: tons of icky nausea and healthy 8 wk and 13 wk ultrasounds. I think I'm in the clear from the morning sickness, now, at 14 wks. I'm so lucky to have an OB as a father-in-law-- I've been receiving the best nausea medication that insurance can cover! :-)

Alex is excited about the vague concept of having a baby in the house 'around Christmastime'. She's decided that she will "sing to the baby and tell 'her' (I don't know how well she'll react if the baby is a boy) stories and teach her how to run". That's her grasp of sisterhood.

We ordered a crib that was being offered at a 'too good to be true' deal a few weeks ago, and it already arrived! Alex really wanted to set it up so she could practice being a mommy with her baby dolls, so she and Daddy got to work.



Time for bed!

We may have to work on some parenting skills....

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