Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Messy Craft Day

We headed to Michael's this morning to stock up on some craft supplies. Alex was in heaven walking up and down the aisles of sparkly beads, paints, foam shapes and pipe cleaners! She settled on some foam butterflies and (*gulp*) glitter glue.
I'm not scared of making a mess, but it still took some courage to hand my toddler glitter glue sticks and let her create! I'm so glad I did-- even though I had to swallow hard when I saw huge pools of glue all over, I told myself to relax and enjoy-- it's not like the materials were expensive, she can use as much as she wants! She had a great time, and we'll use the finished products as decorations for her 'Fairy Birthday Tea' in October.
Then she broke out some new fingerpaints!! My formerly mess-phobic girl is branching out.

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Bloggin BB said...

I had to laugh at your "messy day." I love it! Laura is just starting to HATE to have things on her hands--crumbs, sand etc. And water on the face after splashing in the pool--oh no! :) Also, kudos to you two for leaving the party. Way to go, Mom and Dad! :) :) (I figure you need all the encouragement you can get, we do at times!)