Tuesday, June 22, 2010


My cousin Jay came from the Northland down to spend a mini-vacation with us for the week, and for an extra-special treat (read: Alex has NEVER done this in her life), we went to the Mall of America to spend some quality time at Nickelodeon Universe.
It was crawling with characters, none of which Alex really knew-- she liked Dora's monkey, but didn't really care much for the ubiqutous 'Dora the Explorer'. There was also a penguin with a propeller hat walking around who garnered a bit of interest... We did end up with a pair of SpongeBob socks as a souvenir (basically because socks were required for the bounce house).My girl, did, however, thoroughly prove herself to be an adrenaline junkie. The mini rollercoaster (pictured above) was her absolute favorite. It probably didn't hurt that her favorite 'big guy' Jay was along for all the rides....

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