Sunday, June 27, 2010

A Hard Lesson to Learn

Alex was invited to Amelia's 2nd birthday party yesterday afternoon, and it started out as quite a fun event! Melissa and Jeff outdid themselves with party decorations and activities. Alex and Graham swang on the swings....Alex swang on the swings....Alex swang on the swings some more.... The trouble started when it was time for her to give someone else a turn. I think that the combination of a very busy past few days and a muggy afternoon was to blame for her turn in behavior. She chose not to follow directions, and we ended up having to regretfully leave the party early.(before the meltdown)

I think Alex learned a very important lesson about the importance of following directions. She was very sad about leaving the entire way home. I'm so lucky to have Dave as a parenting co-pilot. He didn't even blink when I said we would have to leave-- he totally understands the importance of following-through with a toddler. Hopefully these 'hard' days will be few and far between once she realizes that Mama and Daddy really mean what they say!

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