Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day

We started this morning's celebration by making blueberry muffins for Daddy. I realize now that I've been quite a negligent mother-- we've never made muffins before! In fact, Alex was quite confused as to why we were making cupcakes for breakfast.... this added to the general confusion about Daddy's birthday (technically Monday) and Father's Day all wrapped into one!We had a bunch of guests over for a fantastic Father's Day lunch. Brad brought the meat (and meat there was...), Auntie Carrie was hanging out, and then we got to some relatives from the Northland-- Great-Auntie Robyn, and Cousins Lauren and Jay came down as well! (Jay is going to be spending the week at Camp Marotz, learning all about computer stuff from Dave...)
Exploring the wide world of pyrotechnics with Daddy and Cousin Jay... Thanks for the sparklers, Brad :-)

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