Monday, June 14, 2010

Back to the zoo...

We met up with our old Prior Lake friends Shayna, Matthew and Megan today at the Minnesota Zoo for some playtime and catch-up! It'd been waaay too long since we'd seen them, and Alex (known as 'Baby Alex' to the two older kids, who have known her her entire life) was really excited to play with the big kids.
Matthew taught Alex all about the timing of the tidal pool waves. They would stand as close to the water as they dared, and then dash across the floor as soon as they heard the wave 'come in'. Great exercise!Alex just wanted to be everywhere and do everything that Megan did. Here she is sidling up to her mentor during the dolphin training session we saw. Megan was such a good sport, and took great care of her little sidekick!
On a side note, Alex has just recently started to really push boundaries with me. Today her 'trick of the day' was to grab a railing or touch the dirty zoo floor, look at me and then lick her open palm. Even though I'm not really a germophobe, this was horrifying to me. Ewwww....... not sure what to do about this one!

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