Sunday, May 23, 2010

New Toys

When Uncle Willy came up on Friday, he brought a few presents from GranMama Jones-- a bunch more antique wooden spools and a little play iron. Alex and Grandma Mary had a fun morning playing with her new toys!

I was a bit amazed that Alex knew what to do with an iron, being that the only iron in our house is in my studio, and is basically reserved for quilting (I hate ironing!). We found a perfect little wooden ironing board at a garage sale a month back, and brought it up today for the event!
Grandma Mary and Alex recreate the St. Olaf Campus in spools. Honestly. I heard them discussing building the Mohn tower and then making sure the other dorms were placed accordingly! :-) Grandma even made sure the old Women's Gym was represented with a colored spool to represent the only brick building on campus! Impressive, no?

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Bloggin BB said...

She is definitely a future Ole!