Friday, May 28, 2010

Lutsen Day 4: Water Physics

Alex and I got up early (as always) this morning, packed up and headed down for one last beach session.

After we tossed in rocks for a while, she started noticing the current of a little stream that feeds into the Lake on the side of the property. We spent a LONG time doing 'experiments', comparing the different ways that the sticks floated (in circles, straight, fast, slow). What fun!

Collecting items to float:We started down low, on a dock...To the bridge!! Higher is always better, right??

It was really interesting to see her work out some rules of nature herself. She kept alternating sides of the bridge and dropping the sticks, then rushing to the other side to see how long it took to come out. After a few times of dropping them into the downstream side, she looked at me and said "they only go one way!" Yea for Water Flow!

After our physics/ earth science lesson, we loaded up in the car and headed back down to Woodbury. See you again next year, North Shore!

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