Thursday, May 27, 2010

Lutsen Day 3: My Day Off

Grandma Mary and Papa Bob took Alex for a morning (and then afternoon) of playtime, allowing me to rest and relax on the shores of Lake Superior. Here's a visual journal of their day.

Betcha can't guess where they started the day! :-)

Then, to the shore! There's a cute little bookstore down by the shore, and it didn't open right away, so they killed some time on the 'beach'.

Back to the store....still not open, yet! Be forewarned, Dramatic Alex makes an apperance...

After the bookstore finally opened, they came home for a delicious lunch-- Papa Bob's sliders! Then, after a failed nap attempt, Grandma Mary, Alex and Papa Bob headed back out. They managed to find a cute little park not too far away!
And picked up some famous 'Sven & Oles' pizza for dinner, followed by another bonfire/rock throwing session on the beach. What a great day (for all!)

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