Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Lutsen 2010: Day 2- The Rest of the Day

After a snack break at the cabin, we decided to head into Grand Marais to do some exploring, by way of a few stops.

We stopped at Caribou Cream Maple Syrup operation, which looked very similar (if not a tiny bit smaller) to the setup our friends the Somers have at Somerskogen. It brought back some great college memories of boiling with Pete and 'the gang' in springtimes past! They were obviously not boiling or bottling today, in fact the whole place was unattended, with an 'honor' box to make your own change from. Alex got to sample her first maple sugar candy ....mmmm and Papa Bob got some authentic MN souvenirs for friends back in the southwest.
We made a detour to the local quilt shop, where I picked up a little bit of cute Easter fabric (40% off) for next year. Alex got a Tootsie Pop from the clerk, and that kept her quite happy. Sugar consumption was quickly becoming the theme of the day.
Then we headed into town to see if the World's Best Donuts were available (years past, we've been up too early in the season to catch them). By the photos below, you can tell that they were, and have been judged by Alexandra to truly BE the World's Best Donuts!!

After a quick trip to a few kitschy souvenir shops to find some presents for friends, we headed t lunch at The Crooked Spoon Cafe. Yum! What fantastic food, in the middle of such a small town! Then a swerve to Betsy Bowen's studio, where Dave unknowingly bought me a wonderful birthday present- a woodcut of a Ruffed Grouse framed in reclaimed barn wood! :-) (Thanks, Dave!!).
When we got back to the cabin, it was just in time to take a LONG nap (3 hours!!)-- all that running around (and sugar) took its toll. After her nap, we headed down to the beach again to enjoy the evening,had dinner at the Lutsen Resort restaurant, and retired back to the beach to enjoy a campfire (complete with marshmallows.)
Just in case you've been keeping track:
1. Maple Sugar Candy
2. Tootsie Pop from kindly Quilt Lady
3. Powdered Sugar Donut
4. Taste of Fudge from the fudge store (I know...I didn't even write about that!)
5. Marshmallows

No wonder we had a slightly wound-up, cranky kid on our hands this evening!
But what a relaxing view for the adults to decompress by this evening!

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