Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Lutsen 2010: Day 2- Morning

When your toddler arises a 5:30am, it leaves loads of time for sight-seeing! Luckily, we were able to catch the (flotilla?bevy?) of loons on the Lake right outside our cabin. I've never seen more than 2 in a spot before, so it was unbelievable that we had 5 (and then, after a loon call, 6) out the back door! After our Loon-watching (and Papa Bob saw a Bald Eagle soar past him when he was out), we went for a morning hike. All started well. We got to the main 'beach' area, where we all had fun picking out the 'perfect' rocks. Alex got a skipping lesson from Papa Bob and spent a while throwing stones in the water to hear that oh-so-satisfying 'plunk' when they land.
Then we continued our hike. After we crossed a covered bridge, Alex wasn't quite sure she wanted to continue walking, but Grandma Mary found a fantastic 'hiking stick' that spurred her on...for a while.
Full-speed ahead!
Not sure the hike is worth it.
Ok....I can be convinced...
We ended up wandering a little off course, ending up by what I coined "The Friendly Tetanus Bridge" that, for all it's faults, did afford a breathtaking view of some small waterfalls.
As we headed back into the resort, Alex and I found what we had been searching for, perfect 'fairy wands' (more to come on that later), and Papa Bob found an abandoned golf ball. Alex and her grandpa spent some great time playing 'throw golf' -- she's hooked!

....and ALL THIS BEFORE 10AM! :-)

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