Thursday, May 20, 2010

Funny Bug!

This is about all I saw of Alex yesterday during her gym class. A short little blur racing across the room!
Alex was invited to try out the 'Funny Bugs' class at Little Gym this summer (her first non- parent/child gym class), even though she's only 2 1/2. We gave it a trial run yesterday, and she took to it swimmingly (or should I say 'swingingly'). There is a mix of kids ages 3-6 in this particular class, and even though she was obviously the youngest, she sure kept up with the pack! I was super impressed that there were four teachers in the room with them, keeping the discipline level high. They had some fun warm-ups, and then actually did gymnastic drills for a total of an hour long class!!
Even though I was dead-set against having scheduled activities for the summer, Alex had so much fun that we signed up for the Thursday morning Funny Bugs class starting in a few weeks! The other plus was that she was absolutely exhausted afterwards-- they worked those kids HARD!!

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