Monday, May 24, 2010

Feelin' HOT HOT HOT!

It's sweltering here in Minnesota, especially when your air conditioning is not working! The thermostat inside the house read 90 degrees today. We have plans to get our house a/c repaired, but due to timing of our appliance repair insurance, we can't schedule anything until June 8th! Mary and Bob have been real troopers-- we spent most of today running around town, going to classes and hanging out in air conditioned environments-- like REI and Ikea! This afternoon, however, the only relief to be found was outside in Alex's baby pool.We picnicked in the master bedroom tonight. The cats are prostrate in front of the's just miserable-- which leads me to my next train of thought. Mary and Bob graciously offered to take Alex up to the North Shore on their own, and I was just about ready to accept when the humidity and heat snuck up on us. Even though it seemed like these two brave souls were really excited to take Al for the three days, I need the cool Lake Superior air to regain my sanity! I'll be tagging along anyways!

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