Monday, December 7, 2009

Dec 7: Homemade Ornaments

We had a fun morning running around to the grocery store and Michael's (with the obligatory after-grocery store stop at Pet Smart, of course) this morning to gather materials for our craft day. We had two projects to work on. The first is a surprise.... The second, however, we'd love to share with you!

While visiting Auntie Rorie this weekend, I discovered a FABULOUS store in Northfield called Digs. They have wonderful fabrics,buttons, ribbons, and a cute selection of gifts, too. In their window display, they had a felt paper chain, and I was inspired! Who doesn't love a 'paper chain' that can last for years?!?

Step one: Cut your material and organize colors! (Alex's favorite part)

Step two: Assemble links (have Mom help with the stapler)

Step three: Try it on

Step four: Decorate your home with your new project!

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