Sunday, December 6, 2009

Dec 6: Sinterklaas Visit!

In the tradition of St. Nicholas Day, we had Alex place one shoe outside her bedroom door last night, to be filled with a small gift by Sinterklaas. She woke up this morning, and was fast 'out of the gate' (literally-- :-) to open her gift. It turned out to be an ornament that she got to bring downstairs and hang on the tree.
After breakfasting, we headed to church. Instead of the normal 'family' service, we opted for the earlier one, and as Alex was one of a handful of children, I was a bit apprehensive about her being too chatty during the service, but she did a great job.
Today was a really big day. After GrandMama, GrandPapa, and Uncle Willy left we had another party to attend. Amelia's grandma hosts an annual Holiday Tea (ladies only!), and Alexandra was so excited to get all dressed up and go party with her friend! Poor Amelia is just getting over some respiratory ickiness, so I'm sure Melissa wasn't thrilled that Alex had her running all over the house, but those girls sure had fun!

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