Thursday, December 3, 2009

Dec 3: Setting up the Nativities

Alex and I read The Christmas Story this morning, and as each 'character' from the Nativity appeared, she got to set them up. This set is one I made last year, during my 'down time' in Phoneix during our Christmas vacation. I am SO glad that I did it, because Alexandra is really excited about them this year. She calls it "Mine OWN Nativity". She is especially thrilled that Baby Jesus' Mama is "Mary", because, as she states again and again- "Mine OWN Grandma Mary lives in Phoenix!"
For those of you looking for a fun (if a bit time-consuming) family heirloom project-- I just used sheets of felt, embroidery floss and stuffing to make simple figures. I bought a cheap Target Nativity after Christmas last year (and ripped out the cheap plastic figures) to serve as the manger. It works perfectly for my little felt people and animals.

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Grandma M. said...

How can I not LOVE that!??!
Your nativity figures are so creative and perfect for Alex!