Saturday, December 26, 2009

Dec 25: Happy Birthday, Baby Jesus!

Alex has started to 'tease' us recently-- looking outside and saying that the grass is green, for example (and then giggling uncontrollably). She keeps 'teasing' us that it is HER birthday, and that is why we're celebrating. When we jokingly agree with her, she stops and says, very seriously. "No. Baby Jesus'sss birthday."

Santa left her one wrapped package sitting in a brand new Bilibo. It's basically the 'cardboard box' of the next generation. You can do anything in the bounds of your imagination! She has seen them before in her Kindermusik class, so she knew EXACTLY what she wanted to start doing with it-- spinning, spinning, spinning!
Throughout the day, she found more and more uses-- as a receptacle for a beanbag toss game, a helmet, balancing on it upside down, a ball-twirler, and a cat house. I'm so excited for her to discover new ways to play with it.....

The wrapped package was JUST what she asked Santa for. Coconut the cockatoo from the Minnesota Zoo. Coconut has been her favorite for a long time, and she clutched the stuffed bird to her chest and declared "I love it. THANK YOU SANTA!"

After she checked the cookie plate and saw the crumbs and thank you note that Santa left, we waited until everyone else was fully awake and breakfasted before attacked our stockings (Santa even left presents for all the adults). Alex thought it was cool to pull out treat after treat-- books, Schleich animals, and a piggy lollipop!We played with our new toys for the rest of the day and even ventured outside to make a Snowman. What a nice Christmas!

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