Thursday, December 24, 2009

Dec 24: Family Holiday Tea

Alexandra hosted her first official Tea Party this afternoon. We broke out the wedding china teacups and a real teapot for her to pour with!
All of our guests were invited down to her playroom, with the caveat that they 'dress up'. She had a wonderful time hosting, pouring tea "like Mu-Phan (Mulan)" for her guests, and serving petit fours.....ok- so they were Zebra cakes, but they worked!We went to the Children's Service at our church this afternoon, and followed that with a fun dim sum style dinner, complete with Christmas hats constructed a few days ago. After dinner it was time to open presents! She got to move them one by one from the office into the living room so we could open them there.
She received so many wonderful gifts-- lots of books and natural toys. Alex especially loved the fairy costume and felted woolen elephant from GrandMama and GrandPapa.
She enjoyed passing out presents as much as opening them, however!
After leaving out some cookies for Santa and whole grain snacks for his reindeer, it was off to bed. I think we are ALL really excited to see Alex's reaction to her Santa presents tomorrow morning!

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