Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Dec 23: Sledding!

I put this activity waaay at the end of the month, hoping to have enough snow, and the weather gods were kind! On the eve of the predicted 'Snowpocalypse' (as one tv station coined it as they call for -20" of snow over the next few days), Alex got to go sledding. Now, you may wonder why she is SO protected from the elements. The simple answer is 'to get her ready for ski season'. We figure the more she's out and about with her helmet and goggles, the more she'll be used to wearing them.
Alexandra got to open her BIG present from GrandMama and GrandPapa this afternoon. She was so excited to bring the huge box into the kitchen. At one point she hugged the box and declared "I love this present SO much!"
It ended up being a darling tree trunk fairy house from one of our favorite natural toy stores (The Magic Cabin). Alex was so excited to help Uncle Willy put it together and then place all of her new little fairies (and some of her 'old' woodland animals) in it. I have to admit to enjoying playing with it as much as she does.

We were all surprised when she started thanking Will profusely for his help, and praising his work as well. It was so cute that I had to get her to say it on tape.

She also received a package in the mail from Great-Auntie Kathy, and pulled out a wonderful handmade dolly! She clutched it to her chest and declared her love for her new "Kathy Dolly". She was also excited because Kathy Dolly's dress "is same as Alexs'ss OWN Easter dress". Yep-- pink gingham all around-- how did Kathy and cousin Andrea know??

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