Sunday, December 20, 2009

Dec 20: Decorating Cookies!

My favorite task is painting sugar cookies! Yesterday we made a bunch of snowmen, snowflakes, hearts and trees and today was the day to ice them.We made two types of icing this year-- a lemon icing (inspired by our love of the lemon cookies at Key's Cafe), and a regular vanilla in a variety of colors. Alex has finally learned to keep the paintbrush in the icing, and not in her mouth....although I kept catching her cramming her finished creations in there....

We had to say goodbye to Grandma Mary today-- after a fun lunch and shopping trip at Ikea. Alex was sad to see her get out of the car at the airport, and kept asking for "more playing with Grandma Mary" all the way home.
And, randomly, a video of Alex going on a 'ride' with her doll, Nicki, this morning. Too cute to not include, even if it doesn't really relate to anything else. *Although you can appreciate Alex's original names for her horses......sigh.....*

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