Friday, December 18, 2009

Dec 18: Macy's 8th Floor

When I was a little Minnesotan, it was the Dayton's Christmas display that I got to go to a few times. Macy's took over and Alex got to make her first trip down to "The Big City" to see the 8th Floor Display.

We decided to make it even MORE of an adventure, and instead of driving and parking downtown we took the Light Rail from the Mall of America. It was about a half hour trip, and Alex enjoyed riding on a version of the "Dinosaur Train". The Nicollet Mall train stop is only about 2 blocks from the department store, and it was a very nice winter day out!
Alex in Santa's workshop

After making our way through "A Day in the Life of an Elf", which I was VERY glad to have Grandma Mary's help navigating the stroller through while I held Alex up to see all the fun displays, we stopped at Mrs. Claus' Bakery for some cookies. Alex chose a Santa Claus sugar cookie, and we bought some gingerbread men to bring home and enjoy later!
We took the skyway back to the train stop and rode back to the Mall of America. By this time Alexandra was exhausted, but insistent that we go into the Mall. She had her very first out-and-out screaming, twisting, writhing temper-tantrum when she realized we were going to make her get back into the car without going into the Mall. Let's just say it will be a while before she gets and entire sugar cookie again-- coming down from a sugar rush is not a pretty thing.

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