Monday, December 14, 2009

Dec 14: Gingerbread House (and more!)

Auntie Rorie is visiting us to take a couple of days 'to herself' before finals, so she was able to join us in our activity today-- decorating a Gingerbread House. (Let me preface these photos by saying that I purchased a pre-assembled kit from Sam's Club....we JUST decorated, and it still was a little time-consuming!)
Earlier today, Alex went to a Christmas party hosted by her Adventures in Music teacher, Ms. Michelle. They sang songs, danced, did a craft and had a snack. (Note: This is also the first time that Alex has worn big girl underpants out in public!! I was so proud of her-- she even used a 'public restroom' for the first time!)
After class we picked up Auntie Rorie and took her out for an early birthday lunch at Olive Garden, one of Alex's favorite spots (she loves the breadsticks). She AGAIN used the big girl restroom-- no accidents yet today!! To celebrate both events (potty training and Rorie's birthday) we ordered some dessert, and Alex was elated to have chocolate lava cake for the first time.....mmmmmm

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