Friday, December 11, 2009

Dec 11: Movie Time!

The activity for the 11th lined up perfectly with Alex's potty-training achievements! We were able to go to see "A Holiday Movie" today-- and Alex chose "The Princess and the Frog".
It was delightful! The music was spectacular-- both of us were dancing in our seats and clapping along with the great jazz numbers.

She really enjoyed it-- a word of caution to other mommies out there, though-- there are a few scenes (like 2) that are kind of scary and intimidating - "The Shadowman" is the main antagonist, and he is creepy, as are the shadow-beings that chase the frogs for a scene. We prepped beforehand by talking about how everything was just pretend, and Alex seemed to stiffen a little during those 'scary' scenes, but talked her way through it (I'm sure much to the delight of the audience around us)- saying "Just Betend,'s just betend". I think we'll probably see it several times this season, being that movies in the theater are Alex's 'currency of choice' when dealing with using the big girl potty.

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