Sunday, December 13, 2009

Dec 13: Disney on Ice!

OK- obviously this isn't an ANNUAL Advent activity, either, but we did have a very special treat planned for this evening.

Alex and her friends (Amelia, Emma, and Maddie) had a 'playdate' at Disney's Princesses on Ice! What a wonderfully magical evening for the girls! Alex was a bit confused as to whether we were seeing a 'movie' or a 'play', and I couldn't quite describe it to her in advance. She was captivated by the ice skating, the lights, the characters and the music. Even though it was a BIT long for a toddler (approx 2 hours, one intermission), she enjoyed every moment.

We were a bit underprepared, though-- I really should have had her watch all of the Princess movies so she could enjoy every story, but it didn't seem to bother her too much. She, of course, LOVED Cinderella, Ariel and Mulan, and was very disappointed when MuShu (Mulan's dragon friend) only made a brief appearance before skating off.

Sadly, this is the best photo I have of all four girls together. To say that corralling 4 toddlers in a frame is tough is an understatement!

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Kelly Good said...

Amy- Thanks again for organizing that! Maddie LOVED the show and was so heartbroken to leave. She keeps asking to go back! That picture of the four of them is hilarious! You can only count 4 heads! =) I think we're going to end up becoming Disney on Ice groupies! =)