Saturday, November 28, 2009


The Marotz family has never really tailgated a sports event, but we packed up the table, chairs, and food (takeout from Reynoso's) to tailgate the Phoenix ZooLights! We probably looked pretty darn silly in the zoo parking lot, but I think it's a tradition we should keep!

After dinner, it started to get darker out and we headed into the zoo to enjoy the Christmas lights. Last year we were discouraged by the crowds, but this was the perfect time!
Jengo the giraffe talked to Alex and her eyes went wide when he said her name! She wasn't too excited about talking to him right then, but she sure tells the story again and again now!

Auntie Carrie and Alex took a camel ride in the dark...what a memory (Alex kept asking to ride "the other one too") all the way home from the zoo.

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