Friday, November 20, 2009

The Plan for December....

Well, Alex is down with a bug-- bright red cheeks (and a diaper rash to match), diarrhea, and an abnormal desire to just rest on the couch....lovely, huh? But, I took advantage of this 2-nap day to finish up my new Advent calendar.

Inspired by the weekly craft email I get (, I decided to make a calendar with fun Christmas events each day. The idea is that we will do the same activities every year, creating a month of fun traditions. I used some leftover tags that Dave brought home from the office, raided my button drawer, and made 'ribbon strips' from my fabric stash. All in all, it cost me $0 to make....but how can once put a price on Christmas memories?
This will make my blogging a bit more structured, as I will report on the Advent activity of each day! I'm excited to start our family traditions-- nothing too fancy, a picnic dinner in the playroom, Alex hosting a Christmas tea for relatives, gingerbread house making and snowman building. Just things that I want to make sure we get a chance to have fun doing each year!