Monday, November 23, 2009

"Monster sit here."

Sometime between 4:31pm and 5:15pm, Alex invented her first imaginary friend. As I was preparing dinner, she was playing independently on the other side of the kitchen. Apparently I wasn't paying too much attention to what she was chattering away about until she came over and tried to move my legs from in front of the cupboard.

"Monster in here now." I questioned her about the statement, and found out that there was a blue monster who was not scary but "a little weird" who now was Alex's friend. She was putting him in the cupboard to take a nap because he was "a little sick".

By the time Dave arrived home, Monster had already left for a trip (involving a lot of waving at the front door), had a glorious homecoming and summarily been granted a spot at the dinner table (incidentally moving Daddy's seat down the table one more space).

Dinner-time included placing tiny morsels of food onto Monster's plate, which Dave then snuck and ate, prolonging the feeding. :-)

Dave, Monster and Alex enjoy a family dinner!

Hopefully Monster won't mind sitting on Alex's lap in the plane tomorrow, because he will definitely not have his own seat. Speaking of, we will probably be on a posting hiatus for a while, as we will be in Arizona for Thanksgiving!

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