Friday, November 6, 2009

Me, spoiled??

Alex's Gramps and Grams arrived for a visit today, and we met them at the Mall of America so that Alex could show them her favorite restaurant- Rainforest Cafe. Because we asked to be seated away from the gorillas (a source of loud, disconcerting hooting from a toddler's perspective), they gave us a booth by the bar area, which was backed by a rain screen and fog machines. Alex wasn't too sure that was any better than overzealous primates, but she was a brave girl and reassured us throughout the meal that the effects were "just pretend".
After eating, she got to do a little shopping! How pleased does she look that she's holding an American Girl bag (she got to pick out a little potty seat for her dolls and animals to use). By the way-- did anyone else know that they are retiring Kirsten this year?!? That's the doll that I always secretly coveted as a child.....

No nap today-- she was too ramped up to sleep, but she was a trooper. She helped Gramps and Grams put the final touches on her 'park'. Her playhouse now has windows and a lemonade stand/puppet theater. The weather has been beautiful, and I hope she gets to play outside for at least another week or so before having to hibernate all winter.

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