Tuesday, November 3, 2009

"I no see GREEEEN!!!"

...is what Dave and I awoke to at 5:30am this morning.

Perhaps I should explain a bit more. Yesterday, we received a very special new clock in the mail. This clock is especially for toddlers-- it turns colors (green, specifically) when it's OK to get out of bed in the morning. Alex's normal early waking, coupled with the Daylight Savings Time change a few days ago, have wreaked havoc on our normal am schedule. Hopefully this cute little 'bug clock' can help!We have been talking about the new clock for a while-- "When you get your new clock, it will turn green to tell you when to wake up!". Last night, she knew what she was waiting for- "When the clock turns ________, you can _________" Dave and I drilled into her, and she'd fill in the blanks.Then here we are, back at 5:30am. Apparently Alexandra knew the rules, and wanted us to know that she was, indeed, up, but "I no see GREEEEEEN". Sigh....... After Dave made a few trips back and forth to reinforce the 'waiting/playing quietly' aspect, we heard her sniffle "I no like Daddy anymore". Finally we gave in and turned the alarm forward a bit so she didn't have to wait too much longer. At last it was GREEN!! She was so excited that she started clapping and saying "Yea!! Clock GREEEEN! Alex wake up now!"Hopefully we only have a few more 'transitional' mornings until she can start sleeping in a BIT longer!
(as a final note, these photos are all from a re-enactment we did later in the morning..... practice makes perfect, right?)

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