Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Grandma Mary had a list of Alex-tasks to complete before our big Thanksgiving dinner. The first thing we had to do was use Alex's creative skills to decorate the front windows. Alex dove headfirst into the task!

Next up was decorating the cookies they baked yesterday. I can assure anyone who ate a turkey cookie that only MY cookies were presented and served. Alex got a bit waylaid with the icing brush...Daddy and Alex got out of the house for a while and found a roadrunner right in the front yard! Apparently he comes around once a year, and Alex had a great time watching him run while Dave chased him around.
Time for the "party"! Alex was VERY excited to be hosting a party. This year she greeted everyone at the door and handed out turkey necklaces (we had 19 people over this year, so nametags were very helpful for friends of the family!)She had time to play for a little bit with Auntie Carrie (who had JUST arrived in time for dinner).
Having some appetizers with Grandma Mary and Great Aunt Marjie... we always eat before we eat at family get-togethers!
Taking a break from dinner with Madeline!
Ellen's jewelry was a fascination for Alex--- so she helped her make her own from some yarn! Alex loved hanging out with her and was talking about her bracelets for days after!
Duane's father and mother were able to celebrate with us this year (they came in from Canada), and as a practiced Grandpa of 10, Murray was definitely the hit of the evening. He taught Alex some 'great' tricks...
As the youngest (by far) in the family, Alex lacked NOTHING on Thanksgiving! She even sat at the table for dessert and carefully (without spilling) ate an entire piece of pumpkin pie. It was the perfect consistency for her to attack with her fork.
Happy Thanksgiving!

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