Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Down one snail, Up one fish!

Sadly, we lost poor Ichabod to a hungry goldfish, so Alex and I headed to the pet store today to find a more suitable tank-mate for Hungry, Hungry Penny. We settled on a Chinese Golden Algae Eater and brought home "Cleo" to help keep things shipshape. (Isabelle the yellow snail is still around, for those of you keeping tallies on our current animal population).
Earlier in the day, we had some more fishy experiences when we met Emma and Miss Megan at Underwater Adventures. It was supposed to be a large group outing, with Alex's other Shakopee ECFE friends coming, but due to a case of pinkeye and another occurence of projectile vomiting, we were down to the two girls! We missed our other friends, but had a nice time.

We treated ourselves to a "Girls Only" lunch at Rainforest Cafe after the aquarium. Alex had fun introducing Emma to the joys of "be-tend storms" , elephant noises and funny gorillas!

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Cathleen said...

That's such a great picture of you guys!