Monday, November 16, 2009

Christmas Shoebox

Every year, we try to do something to help Alex realize how fortunate she have a loving family, to have a roof over her head, food on the table, and yes- to receive Christmas presents.

We've been talking about Thanksgiving, and what it means. The watered-down version is that the Pilgrims were people who didn't have any food, and the Algonquins gave them food. The Pilgrims said 'Thanks' to God and the Algonquins, and so that's why we celebrate. (She's two.....)

Running parallel to the Thanksgiving story, is our current project- Operation Christmas Child. Last year we participated in an adopt-a-family Christmas project, and Alex was too little to grasp what was going on, but she did enjoy picking out presents. This year, she seems to grasp the basic concepts of helping other people.
We chose to make our shoebox for a little girl (2-4 years old), and Alex and I headed to the store to fill it with goodies. She had so much fun picking out little toys, hairbrush, crayons, toothbrush & toothpaste, all for "little girl- no has ANY presents". She seems to be convinced, however, that she gets to meet the little girl and say "THANKS" to her. :-)

We've been packing and unpacking the box for days now, Alex keeps adding more original artwork and trying to sneak in toys from her own collection. Next Sunday we get to deliver the box to Church, and then (isn't technology amazing) track its journey across the world. We'll even get to find out what country it ended up in!

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