Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Friday Drama

Well, MOST of the family took it easy the day after Thanksgiving. Mary and I, however, stayed up the night before until midnight, when the local Janie & Jack store (in Chandler Fashion Square) opened with its Black Friday sale. We had stopped in the day before to scope out the merchandise and ask if I could use my $25 coupon in conjunction with the 20% off they were offering from midnight to noon. The saleslady assured me that I could, and that (coupled with a mall-wide promotion where you could present $100 in receipts to obtain a $50 mall gift card) seemed like too good of a deal to pass by.

We could have passed it by.

Mary and I got to the mall at 11:45, thinking that we'd have some time to park, get to the store and wait outside of it until it opened, run in to pick up a few things, jump in the customer service line to get the gift card and get home quickly. We arrived to throngs of people lining up OUTSIDE the mall doors. They were mostly angsty and exuberant teens (I know-- what a combination) who needed to get out of the house. We waited patiently in the que until Mary noticed people walking right past and starting a mob. Well, my mother-in-law is not one to sit idly by while others cut in line, so we decided to join the mob. Squashed in with hundreds of other people I felt like I was in a precarious situation. This could turn ugly at any second. I grabbed Mary's purse so that we wouldn't get separated, and she told me to keep my stance wide so that it was harder to knock me over. Gulp!

The doors opened and people flooded in. I have to admit that the adrenaline rush was pretty good.....Mary headed straight for the customer service desk, thinking that she'd have to let a few people cut ahead until I got there with my receipt, but wanting to secure a spot early. I headed to Janie & Jack, which was FULL of people! I elbowed my way to the new panda bear collection and grabbed a few pieces. After waiting in line (4 people were in front of me!) I was told by the VERY SAME SALESPERSON that she had been mistaken, and I could not use my $25 coupon with the 20% off. Sigh....I had her put two things back, made my purchase and headed to find Mary.

The mall was so full of running, loud people that I felt like I was in the middle of a rioting, looting crowd! After a phone call to my mother-in-law, who warned me about a fight going on, I found her...... At least 150th in line at the customer service counter. No joke. We decided that $50 just wasn't worth the time/energy to stand in line. Plus, they announced that they only had 300 certificates to give out, and there was a chance that they'd be out by the time we got up there. Crazy!! The things we do for baby clothes!

We got back home by 1:08am, not too bad, considering the drama. Mary and Carrie went back to the mall at 6am to hit Ann Taylor Loft (which wisely decided to not open at midnight to avoid the chaos) and encounted no crowd at all.

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