Wednesday, November 18, 2009

2 Little Kids, 1 Big City!

Emma and her Mommy came to Woodbury this morning to hang out with us. We started the day off with some shopping at the new Goodwill, where I was thrilled to find a kids' size real coonskin cap! How cool will THAT be for our dress up area!
Because the girls were so good in the store, they got the privilege of going to a new-to-us playspace- Little Kids, Big City. It's located in an industrial park, oddly enough, and it's like a mini Children's Museum. There are a variety of 'playscapes' set up- a post office, fire station (with pretend fire to fight and fire engine), auto shop, and grocery store made to look like a mini Kowalski's. Alex and Emma both loved the fire engine with a 'big slide' coming out the back. The second favorite spot was definitely the grocery store checkout area, where they took turns manning the cash register. It's good to know that we have such a cool spot to hang out here in Woodbury, especially when the winter snows start blowing!

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