Thursday, October 29, 2009

A Typical Day....

We had a long day, so to effectively relay it all, I'll do so in schedule format.
7:30am- After waking up at 7 (yea, Alex!), we came downstairs to start our laundry. While Mama was loading/unloading the washing machine, Alex played in her makeshift fort.

8:00-9:00am- Unbelievable, Alex played with Playdough for an entire HOUR this morning (and yes, she's wearing her 'big girl underwear', too!). Wow!!! I kept checking in on her, bringing her different items to experiment with. She was engrossed in the activity!
9:00-10:30am- Studio time. Alex painted and drew while I put the finishing touches on her new winter hat. I think his name is "Marvin". Thanks for the pretty fleece, Grandma Mary-- the hat was actually alot easier to construct than expected! We'll be working on a scarf to match next!
11:30- After a quick trip to the Woodbury Once Upon a Child (which does not stock hairbows, arrgh!), we headed to Sam's Club for Silk, O.J., and a "picnic!". Alex and I split one of their giant hot dogs (hers appropriately cut up), and she had a blast watching people come and go. She exclaimed "Fun picnic, Mama!" several times throughout our 'meal'.
12:30-2:00 Nap time (deep breath for Mama....and more laundry)
3:00pm- We were at the Mall of America to meet Emma and Miss Megan for a shark playdate! (Emma had forgotten a piece of her Halloween costume at our house yesterday, and Underwater Adventures seemed like a good meeting place). The girls had a lot of fun playing and learning about fish. Today we learned that the Midas Cichlid does not, in fact, protect it's fry in it's mouth, unlike some other types of cichlid. Interesting, no?
5:30-- home again, and ready for dinner! What a long, but fun day :-) This is why I love being a stay at home mom-- we can make our days whatever we want them to be!

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