Friday, October 16, 2009

Swallowing our Ole Pride.....

So, Alex and I swalled our Ole pride and made a visit to St. Ben's campus today. Actually, it is a beautiful campus-- I even told Alex that I wouldn't disown her if it was her second choice in schools :-)
We went to visit my cousin Lauren, who is a first-year there. We met her in the drizzle and took her out for a treat at the cutest little college-town coffee shop.Alex really enjoyed playing in Lauren's (temporary) dorm room (it's a long story, full of roomate drama). She even made her a door sign, and insisted on hanging it up.

We had a great time, and our visit ended too quickly, but my kiddo was spiraling downward into dangerous tantrum territory with an hour and fourty minute car ride in the future. (She actually made it to 694 and 35W before completely losing it). Thank goodness for DVD players!

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