Monday, October 5, 2009


Alex and I were invited to attend a surprise birthday party for Graham & Amelia's mama last night (Dave's currently out of town on business again...). Even though Alex stayed up WAY past her bedtime and ate WAY too much party food (ie- chocolate cake, M&M's, chocolate covered pretzels, etc), she had a fantastic time. She was, however, a bit confused about whose birthday it was. We first ruled out her own-- then had to work on the concept of a grown-up having a party.

At the end of the festivities, some of the guests retired to the living room to watch football. Out of nowhere, my daughter declared "Alex LOVE football!" and settled herself down on the couch next to Graham (with a big bowl of chips between them). Dave, I hate to report that she was actually watching the game!

After our drive home from Coon Rapids, Alex finally hit the sack around 8:45! Before drifting off to sleep though, she kept telling me about "Funny Graham".....perhaps the video below will explain why.

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Melissa and Jeff said...

What an adorable video clip! I had no idea Graham was being so "entertaining" last night!