Friday, October 23, 2009

"Spooky Woods"

We visited the Children's Museum this morning (along with a slew of other parents and daycares), but were able to visit the "Spooky Woods", a Halloween special! I was a bit apprehensive as we were ushered into a low-light room with a fake campfire and man in black. I had no need to be, however, as the hooded figure led a song and story to 'prepare' kids for the Spooky Woods. Alex was fascinated by the fake campfire and ventured forth to explore. The exhibit itself wasn't scary at all-- there was some fog that induced a little nervousness on my daughter's part, but it was basically the same old Earth World exhibit, only with spider webs (well-- there was more than that, but nothing to be 'scared' of). The kept the lights on in half the room, so kids could choose whether they wanted to take "the moonlit path" or "the dark path". Alex liked it alot!
Writing her name on a tag that will hang in a tree exhibit. She was concentrating SO hard!

After exploring the museum for a while, we headed home. Alex got a cheeseburger and apple juice at the skywalk McDonalds on the way to the ramp. You'd think I was speaking a different language as I tried to relay my order to the cashier. "I would like one cheeseburger and an apple juice, please." "You don't want fries?" "No, thank you-- just the burger and juice." "But fries are only .50 more" "Not today, thank you" "But you won't get a toy with your meal" "That's ok-- we just want the burger and juice, please". "So, you don't want fries?...". Honestly, this went on for FAR too long! Seriously, we eat fries, but try not to make a habit of it (especially if Alex starts thinking she gets McDonalds after every museum trip)!!! We also try to keep junky Happy Meal toys that break in two days out of the house... Why is this hard to understand? Sigh-- thanks for putting up with my rants!

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