Friday, October 30, 2009

Printmaking 101

After yet another Halloween party this morning (MOMS Club this time), Alex and I decided to end a very busy week with a long walk around the neighborhood. It was so nice to just 'be' and enjoy each others' company. On our walk, Alex started a collection of leaves-- each one more beautiful than the last, and I started thinking about projects we could do with them. I decided that we hadn't tried any printmaking projects yet, and a leaf-printing project would be a perfect way to celebrate our fall walk.

The process:

Step One: Organization
Step Two: Paint one side of a leaf
Step Three/Four:Place paint-side down on paper. Cover with another sheet of paper (we used wax paper) and roll with a breyer (we used a rolling pin)
Step Five: Unveil. For a toddler's first printmaking project, this is pretty darn successful! We'll have to try again next year when she can put a little more force behind the rolling pin.
Step Six: Experiment and have fun!

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