Friday, October 2, 2009

the next "Dr. Marotz "

Alexandra was an absolutely amazing patient this morning. I think it was a combination of the last 2 dr. visits being 'non-shots', our constant talking about what would happen, and the fact that our new pediatrician is a very warm and caring person. In fact, she (the doc) was obviously impressed at Alex's willingness....nay, excitement to be examined! She commented several times on how unusual it was to have a 2 year old lay still, follow directions and ask questions. She also mentioned that my daughter's language skills were "utterly impressive"....and then went on to notify me that Alex had a nasty ear infection in one ear. What??? I knew she had a cold, but she wasn't acting like her ear hurt. She wrote us a prescription for Alex's first amoxicillin, and I left feeling like a stupendous AND neglectful mother all at the same time.
Alex was fascinated by the stethoscope, and repeatedly asked 'what's that?'. We explained to her that it was how the doctor heard her heart and lungs, and she seemed happy with the answer, but kept eyeing it. On the way out the door, our doctor suggested that Alex get a medical kit for her belated birthday present. One of my best friends has a tradition of getting/giving a "sick prize" whenever someone isn't feeling well, so I decided that Alex deserved one today-- it is only a day after her birthday, after all. We stopped at Creative Kidstuff while her prescription was being filled and picked up a doctor's kit.
She LOVES it. She spent 30 minutes independently playing with it in the living room. I encountered my first "NO!" when I told her it was time to take a nap. I believe I responded with an "Excuse me?". She looked up at me, very seriously, and said "Alex not done playing". I told her that I was happy she liked her toy, but that did not excuse her from following directions. We compromised and let her bring the stethoscope to bed with her.....where I later took it away because she was obviously not napping, but tending to the medical needs of every stuffed animal in her room. All I have to say is that we might have another Dr. Marotz in the family.

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Melissa and Jeff said...

Getting a sick prize is the best! I'm sure Miss Alex will have a much speedier recovery because of it! :)