Sunday, October 25, 2009

"I be Super Grover!!"

After we got back from breakfast this morning at IHOP (my first IHOP experience, btw), Alex decided to forgoe her normal naptime schedule. She was rescued by her Daddy (who neglected to dress her). She did spend about 20 minutes playing "The Bandanna Game"-- running from the front door to the back door, 'through' a bandanna, yelling "TIME!" (Thanks Uncle Willy) whenever she touched the back door. Auntie Carrie was a great sport, and held the bandanna for the entire time! After The Bandanna Game, Auntie convinced Alex to wear a cape. It's so funny to see her mind work.

Perhaps this massive burst of energy was in part fueled by our breakfast. Alex felt so grown up sitting in between Grandma and Auntie! (Never mind the forced smile-- it seems to be what we're getting lately!)

She spent the majority of breakfast asking for things to be "cut a little bit" and they were too happy to oblige! Dave and I escaped breakfast duty by sitting on the other side of the booth, and it was so nice to be able to just sit and enjoy our pancakes!
Mmmm.....blueberry compote is delicious!

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