Thursday, October 1, 2009

I Like Me! (and it's my BIRTHDAY!)

It seems like it's been the longest birthday celebration ever (but Dave quickly reminded me this morning that MY birthdays have also lasted 1+ weeks, so I can't complain), but Alex is FINALLY officially 2! To celebrate, Dave and I bought tickets for Alex and me to see "I Like Me" at the Stages Theater in Hopkins.

My big 2 year old, ready to go and excited for the show!
We got there JUST in time for the curtain to go up. Alex clutched her playbill throughout the entire show. She loved the singing and the dancing (got a bit ancy during pure dialog) and clapped/gesticulated along with the cast during musical numbers. Her favorite part of the show was when they projected images from the book on stage-- she kept pointing at the pictures and tugging at my arm to make sure that I saw them up there, too. (I Like Me! is one of her staples at home).
After the show, we got to meet the cast in the lobby. Luanne Pig, the protagonist, was kind enough to pose for a photo (I swear the makeup looked good from the audience-- up close it bordered on scary, and Alex was a bit intimidated).
The birthday girl and I headed home, by way of McDonald's. We RARELY eat there, but I thought today was an appropriate day for Al to have her first 'complete' Happy Meal (normally I ask them to not put the toy in the bag). Am I a bad mom for telling her that she had a 'birthday present' in the Happy Meal bag? Regardless of my parenting, she loved the cheap little plastic Barbie ring that probably is coated with powdered lead paint. Ahh....simple pleasures. I think I'm going to tell her that toys only come with kids' meals on birthdays. ;-)

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