Saturday, October 10, 2009

Happy Birthday, Emma!

Alex seemed to know that we had a long afternoon planned, so she took an earlier-than-normal nap to accomodate the new schedule. We were headed to Shakopee to celebrate Emma's 2nd birthday with her family and friends. We had a blast playing, opening presents, snacking and finally SWIMMING at her party. Here are some highlights below:
Alex and Meghan (our friend from Shakopee ECFE) were graciously invited to help Emma open presents!
Thankfully, Alex got the memo about "piggytails" being the dress code for girls! :-) Here are Alex and Emma waiting for the 'pool' part of the party to start already!
Hmmm.......what next?
Dave's favorite part of the party-- free arcade games!

The pool resembled a swim class with all the girls and their daddies playing!
Alex and the Birthday Girl!

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