Monday, October 26, 2009

Halloween Pre-Party!

We brought Grandma Mary to our music class this morning for a Halloween Party! Ms. Michelle had a craft all set up for us to make-- Halloween-themed shakers! Alex loved putting the little decorations in the bottle and the stickers on the outside. We read some stories and sang lots of songs. Then Ms. Michelle had a riddle game, where she read short poems describing Halloween 'creatures' and the kids guessed who it was about. Alex was the first one to shout out "Owl!" when she gave the owl clues (big eyes, feathers, and hooting!). On a high from a correct answer, she listened intently to the next clues, excited to guess again. Ms. Michelle said "I'm white and I float in the sky..." - "COCKATOO!!" Alex exclaimed. :-) Can you tell she spends a bit of time at the zoo?
After a trip to the grocery store and the pet store (we often visit the animals at the adjacent Petco as a 'reward' for a successful Rainbow trip), it was time to make some cookies! Alex and I are hosting a Halloween Party for our ECFE friends from Shakopee this Wednesday, so we had to get working!

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