Thursday, October 15, 2009

Halloween is coming, are YOU ready?

Relaxing at home with 'the boys' after a busy morning. We're obviously die-hard Bird Show fans, because we stopped in at the MN Zoo today and caught the FIRST bird show of the inside season! Alex was overjoyed to be 'reunited' with her friends Coconut the cockatoo and the screeching Bald Eagle. We didn't stay at the zoo long, however, as my daughter quickly got tired (we'd already started the morning out with a trip to the gym).Brad dropped by this evening to take Dave out for a 'boys night', so Alex worked hard to make him a Halloween surprise!

Speaking of Halloween surprises, here's Alex's special holiday's a bit big, as the pattern was for a 4T, but I just figure she'll be able to use it for a few years in a row. I also had some trouble (accidentally starting my cat applique on the back instead of the front), so I added a bunch of 'embellishments' to make it work.....somewhat.

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