Saturday, October 24, 2009

Grandma Mary & Papa Bob!

Alex woke up Saturday morning to find that during the night (around 1:30am, actually) Grandma Mary and Papa Bob had arrived from Phoenix. She was so excited to show them how she made pancakes and get to some serious playing! She entertained herself/us for a long time by trying on all the hats in her winter basket.For those of you who don't know, the Marotz family are big fans of The North Face gear (since before it was the 'hip' thing for college kids to wear). Alex got her first official North Face item- a toddler baseball hat to match Daddy's!
Grandma Mary and Papa Bob were excited to attend The Little Gym classes on Saturday morning. Alex showed off her 'mad skills' with the bo staff--- um...I mean on the bar (yes, in this photograph my daughter is, in fact, falling-- hee hee).Saturday night, Alex and Grandma Mary got to hang out while Carrie, Papa Bob, Daddy and I went to Zombieland (hilarious, by the way, if you like gory slapstick). We arrived home to a tired but happy kiddo. She's so lucky to have such nice Grandmas!

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