Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Finishing the park-- to St. Olaf!

Alex was excited to help finish and start playing on the park this morning! Finally, a sunny day! Thanks for all your hard work, gentlemen...this is the definition of the 'gift that keeps on giving'.
After a quick photo shoot at Janie & Jack (a freebie for buying so much darn clothing there), we headed down to The Hill to visit Auntie Rorie. Alex enjoyed walking around campus, playing with leaves.

At one point she picked up a fallen branch and started sticking her head in it. She declared "little moose...Alex put on antlers", and happily kept her 'antlers' on while she wandered around.
She was SO happy and excited to see Auntie that she RAN towards her when she saw her walking down the sidewalk. Auntie Rorie, always in the mood for a dramatic reunion, reciprocated by running back, and the smile on Alex's face was unbeatable! We ended up at Kurry Kebab for a yummy Indian buffet before heading back to Woodbury.
For the past 2 hours, we've been playing on Alex's park. Here's a quick clip of one of her first times down the slide! Thanks again Gramps and Grams for the fantastic birthday/Christmas gift!

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Grandma M. said...

What a beautiful park and wonderful gift for Alex! Plus, it's fun to see our future Ole walking on campus!